The Year of 2017

Dear Friends, Volunteers, Donors and Partners!

We left behind a year full of events and successes which could not be the same without you! Our foundation continued its fundraising, donating and community building work in Ferencváros in 2017. We are thankful for your support, cooperation and trust in us! Let us send you our subjective calendar of the year 2017 saying thank you and recalling some of the important and nice moments of the last year together.











We have had a new chair of Board since January, Peter Jordan. He is a civil engineer who worked on the rehabilitation of Central-Ferencvaros in the last 20 years. Peter finds ensuring long term stable operation one of our greatest challenges for which he has found donors dealing with real estate development with local roots.










Our foundation participated in a national event organized by the Community Foundation Support Programme that introduced the Hungarian community foundations as new local institutions of action. We are very proud of our ‘sister-organizations’ established in Miskolc, Pécs and the Dunakanyar region.











We had the closing event of our civil round-table discussions, named ‘Give Yourself’. These meetings and discussions gave birth to a civil initiative of those individuals and entrepreneurs who live at the József Attila housing estate. The idea’s realization took place in December when we gathered together on the ‘Golden Gate’ Community Christmas Fair and we shared their joy of having a place to meet and prepare for Christmas together.





We offered the HUF 1 million that was raised in the Inner-Ferencvaros Fund to organize a series of programs that contributes to the community life in the district and will be realized through active cooperation of local entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals. The coordinator of this event was, the leader of 2B Art Gallery, Laszlo Borocz.










We won the Civilian Award of Non-profit Information and Training Center (NIOK) in the category of the Most Successful Fundraising Campaign in a nationwide competition. In this month we launched the Swimathon 2017 campaign to support 7 non-profit projects in Ferencvaros.










We raised more than HUF 16 million for 7 local projects during the Swimathon 2017 campaign and event. 140 swimmers took part and we received more than 3,000 donations. The supported organizations were: From Huts to Home Association, School in the Hospital Foundation, AppArt Association, Golden Gate – Horizon Foundation, Palantir Film Foundation, Roots and Wings Foundation, Ferencvaros Community Foundation.










Our Board had its annual strategic meeting in Kisoroszi. As part of our professional and financial planning we decided to create the Central Fund to pay donations, the Development Fund and the Reserves Fund. We decided to enlarge our staff, so since October we have had Roland Olah with us who is our support and program coordinator.











Summer Holidays :)











The Raday Promenade event took place on 22-23 September with civil cooperation and more than 40 participants from Inner-Ferencvaros. The program series included several exhibitions, programs for children, concerts, gastro and cultural events for individuals and communities. It also helped the participants to meet and discover together the historical and recent values of the district.



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This month was dedicated to strengthening our international partnerships. We took part in an international workshop in Messina that was organized by The Global Fund for Community Foundations. The Global Fund supports our new project called ‘New neighbours – Colourful Ferencvaros’.

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Founder and board member of our Foundation, Tamas Scsaurszki ran 10 km-s as part of the “Give It a Try” fundraising campaign of the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation.




Our annual Live Giving community fundraising night took place in the local La Vida Centre on 22 November. More than HUF 3 million was raised for 3 civil projects based in Ferencvaros. More than 110 guests supported the projects of the Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants (an extraordinary fashion show), Scandinavian House (a TED-style event) and H52 Youth Office and Community Area (a summer camp for poor families).










In December a dream was realized. The Golden Gate Community Christmas Fair was organized in the Jozsef Attila housing estate by local people. Our foundation’s most delicious fundraising program, the Cake Fleet was an essential part of the event.

We are very thankful for our volunteers who helped us through the whole year and made all of our events memorable.