6 points – we are proud of

1. Our three most important aims are the following: local fundraising, local fund distribution and community building. All of our projects are based on these three aims. We believe that nothing can be born that is directed from an ivory tower.

2. We always remind ourselves for this three pillars: it should be personal – it is our common responsibility – it should be a common experience.

3. When we establish a fund, the board of trustees and those who offered their donations decide together about which projects to be supported. Our supporters can get to know those who are involved in each projects and also the results, how their money was used. The entire process is fully visible how a local development is born from local support.

4. In our organization every member of the board is active and volunteering a lot. Gladly.

5. We know what it is like when parallel realities meet. In the board, among our employees and volunteers you can find all kinds of people from various age groups who work in very different areas of life and interested in many different things, but they think together, plan together and work together in our foundation.

6. The Ferencvaros Community Foundation is the first community foundation that was established in Hungary. But our aim is to have more community foundations all over the country, so we work closely with Közös Alapon program to establish and develop Hungarian community foundations.

Be our partner, supporter, friend!

If you are interested in our work, please do visit our website and/or see us on facebook regularly. Also please feel encouraged to contact directly Peter Jordan, Chairman of the Board or Erika Barna, Trustee, via e-mail ([email protected]) to get more details about our activities and plans.