COVID-19 information in English

We have been translating and gathering information related to coronavirus epidemic from Hungarian into English to make relevant information accessible for those who cannot yet speak Hungarian well. We are also collaborating with the 9th district municipality in providing English translation for their crisis measures, the emergency aid it provides and other documents. The page is updated periodically, the most recent information can be found on top of the list.

  • Economic relief measures by the Hungarian government related to the coronavirus: relief for KATA taxpayers, freeze on rents for non-housing purposes. Click HERE for more information.
  • Financial aid (emergency financial aid, emergency housing support, pandemic allowance) provided by the 9th district municipality for 9th district residents in emergency situation due to the pandemic. More details on the Municipality’s WEBSITE, English language application forms can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Information on emergency financial aid by the 8th district Municipality for 8th district residents to help those who are facing an acute threat to their basic nutritional, health and housing needs incurred by the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic. More information on the WEBSITE of the Józsefváros Municipality. English language forms can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Online and telephone hotline for youngsters having difficulty to cope with the quarantine, operated by the 9th district-based Konkáv Community Space.
  • Information about kindergarten enrolment in the district (deadlines, forms, information about kindergartens in the district) on the website of the Ferencváros Municipality